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What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

what to write in a baby shower card

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Have you ever struggled with what to write in a baby shower card?

Consider the picture; you’ve been invited to your best friends baby shower and you are super excited. So, you’ve bought the perfect gift and agonised over the right baby shower card, but suddenly you find yourself wondering what  to say in a baby shower card. Do you address the card only to your best friend or to the happy couple? Can you make a funny anecdote or just give best wishes for your best friend baby shower message?

Celebrating a new baby with a baby shower is a relatively new custom in Australia, but there are many countries who have a long tradition of celebrating the impending new arrival. The tradition can be traced back to ancient Greece, Egypt and even the Middle Ages! Obviously traditions have changed through time. That’s why we’re here to guide you through some of the more modern traditions and more importantly, what to write in a baby shower card.

The added pressure of to what to write in a baby shower card is that of your card being read out loud at the party, or passed around for all the friends to read. So you will want your baby shower card wording to fit your style and mean something to the new parents-to-be. We hope the following will give you come inspiration!

What To Write In A Baby Shower Card

Your baby shower wishes will depend on your relationship with the new mum or parents-to-be. But no matter the level of your relationship, your baby shower card message is a chance to convey a special baby shower message. You may want to give words of advice or even share a private joke. However, if you don’t know the new family well, a simple message of congratulations is more than appropriate. But if you are a close friend or relative (or if you want to stand out) then make sure you write a sincere message from the heart.

Who Do You Address A Baby Shower Card To?

Previously a baby shower was a female event only. This made addressing the baby shower card easy. Nowadays a baby shower can be a mum only, (a dad only?) or a new mum and dad event. But before considering what to write in a baby shower card, first check the wording of the invitation. If it’s a couple’s shower, you should address both of the parents in the card. However, if the baby shower is just being thrown for the mother, address the card to the new mum-to-be only. When addressing the card, think about your relationship to the recipient. For example, if you are close to the mother you can be a little more casual. You can call her just by her first name, or if you have a special ‘nick-name’ you can use that.

It may sound simple but if you’re in any doubt you can choose one of the following:

  • For her: Dear ‘Mother’s Name’
  • For him: Dear ‘Father’s Name’
  • For both: Dear ‘Mother and Father’s Names’
  • Or simply: Dear New Parents

Baby Shower Card Wording Ideas

After addressing the new mum or couple, you’ll want to convey your message. You are not writing a novel, so keep it short! Remember, there will probably be a lot of cards, so making your message simple and to the point will mean a lot more than a long, rambling story. If you don’t have a personal message consider sending a message that is more general. This is also a good option if you don’t know the gender of the baby.

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Here are some ideas to write in a baby shower card to get you started:

Simple Wishes for Baby Shower Cards:

  • Wishing you and your new baby a lifetime of happiness and joy.
  • So happy for you!
  • Best wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy and the birth of your little bundle of love.
  • The magic of motherhood (or parenthood) is on its way. Enjoy all of your special moments!
  • May your new baby bring you a lifetime of blessings and happiness.
  • Congratulations and well wishes to the start of your new chapter.

If you know the new mum well, don’t be shy to show your personality with a funny message in your baby shower card, but remember to always acknowledge the importance of the occasion. Having a baby is a major event. Whether it’s the first or second baby, mums and dads-to-be are preparing for big changes in their lives. Your baby shower card message is a special way to acknowledge this momentous milestone and share in the new family’s excitement.

Funny Wishes  

  • Have a nice baby!
  • Don’t worry. It gets easier after the first 18 years.
  • Hello, sweet baby days…Bye-bye, big nights out!
  • Awww…I can’t wait to see which one of you he/she is going to look like.
  • Sleep all you can before baby comes. In fact, don’t get up for anything short of labor!

Signing Your Baby Shower Card

The last step to what to write in a baby shower card is to sign off. When you sign your card use a phrase that is not forced. Make sure that it is comfortable for you and your relationship with the new mum or dad-to-be. Again, if you don’t know the family use something formal, but if you are friends don’t be shy to express your feelings.

The following are some of the more common examples for your baby shower card wording:

  • Kind regards,
  • With love,
  • Best wishes,
  • Many hugs and kisses.
  • So thrilled,
  • Wishing you sweet times,
  • Rock-a-bye and rock on.

Baby Shower Gifts

One of the other traditions of a baby shower is to bring along a baby shower gift. Again, read the invitation carefully as this will explain or describe the type of gift required. Mostly it will be in the form of a traditional gift that you can choose from a ‘gift registry’ which will be the new mum’s wish list. Don’t worry too much as the list will include a variety of items at different levels of affordability. In addition, the new parents may request the gift to be a financial contribution to a bigger item that the new family needs.

If there are no guidelines for a gift, Cherub Baby offer a range of products that are suitable for a new born baby. The new Cherub Baby Glass Bottle Starter Kit should be on every new mum’s wish list!

Important things to remember:

While a gift is nice, it is the baby shower card message that will we become a keepsake. So take your time when writing your message. Make sure you include a reference to the new baby and make sure to make the new family feel special.

Other traditions to consider for baby shower

The basic traditions of a modern baby shower should include the following ingredients:

  • a theme,
  • a guest list that includes family and close friends,
  • food and drinks,
  • baby shower cards and gifts for the new mum, dad or parents-to-be,
  • some fun games or entertainment,
  • small gifts or ‘goody bags’ for the guests.

However, did you also know that the planning of the baby shower is not normally done by the expectant mother herself? Instead, close friends or family members should come together to plan the party. After all, the meaning of a baby shower is literally to ‘shower’ the expectant mum with gifts and love!

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