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Travel Baby Bottle Warmers: A Blessing For Parents On The Move!

Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

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Travel baby bottle warmers will come in handy for all busy and active parents. If you like to travel or if you are often out and about with your baby then a mobile bottle warmer is a must. You may find it challenging and stressful to warm up baby’s milk when on-the-go, especially if your hungry baby is fussy and refuses a cold bottle! That’s when a travel baby bottle warmer will prove its weight in gold.

In this article we talk about the different types, and the advantages of a travel bottle warmer for parents on the move.

Types Of Travel Baby Bottle Warmers

Before you go out and buy a bottle warmer you need to think about where you are going to use it most. Will you have access to a source of power or does it need to have it’s own power like the award winning Cherub Baby Click n Go Travel Warmer? Do you need to heat up your baby’s food, or do you want to just keep it warm? There are so many different options out there.


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The following are some of the different types of bottle warmers and their main advantages and disadvantages:

Portable Bottle Warmers

These are perfect for parents who are often on-the-go with their baby as they don’t need a power source. They are usually battery operated or have a built-in heat reaction system like the Cherub Baby Click n Go Travel Warmer.

Cherub Baby also now offers their all-new Anywhere Universal Portable Bottle Warmer which is compact and light and rechargeable. This mobile baby bottle warmer is perfect not just for outings, but you can use it as a home warmer which replaces the need to have multiple warmers. 

A mobile bottle warmer is perfect for family picnics or even travelling by plane. The main disadvantage is that they will need recharging.

Bottle Warmer

Car Bottle Warmers

Car bottle warmers need your car cigarette lighter socket to plug into. They are perfect for heating your baby’s bottle on long or short car journeys. They can be used to heat up baby food, or to keep it warm, as they won’t overheat. The only disadvantage is that a car bottle warmer is limited to use in your vehicle. However, you can use some brands with a USB cable which gives them more versatility.

Thermos Bottle Warmers

Thermos, or flask bottle warmers need hot water in order to work. They usually consist of a thermal bottle for hot water that works as a regular thermos flask, but includes an additional space where you place your baby’s bottle. However, you should never use boiling hot water in the flask. If the water is too hot it may destroy all those good nutrients in your breast milk or baby formula. In addition, if you are using plastic bottles, they may get damaged if the water is too hot.

Plug-In Bottle Warmers

These bottle warmers are what they say they are, and will need to be plugged into an outlet to work. They are portable because they are small and lightweight. These bottle warmers are good if you’re looking for something that you can use while you are on holiday, in a hotel or an apartment.

Some Advantages Of Using A Bottle Warmer

  • Saves you time – A bottle warmer will save you time. You simply wrap the warmer around the bottle or food jar, or place it in the chamber, and within a few minutes, your baby’s food or milk is ready.
  • Safety – Travel bottle warmers are a guaranteed way of safely heating your baby’s milk and food. A good mobile bottle warmer will evenly heat your baby’s milk and ensure that there are no hot spots that can scald your baby’s mouth. They should also protect you from getting burnt when operating the warmer.
  • Preserves nutrients – Only a mum really knows how precious breast milk is. When warming a bottle of expressed breast milk, you want to ensure the nutrients are preserved. Some heating methods like the microwave or stove destroy vital nutrients and vitamins in breast milk. A portable warmer won’t heat up too hot, which will ensure that all these important nutrients are preserved.
  • Gradual warming – A sudden spike in temperature while warming your baby’s milk can cause the milk to go bad easily. This is the case in both breast milk and formula. A bottle warmer should warm the milk gradually and evenly, therefore, your baby’s milk stays fresh for long.
  • Convenient – Travel baby bottle warmers save you the hustle of having to pull over during your trip to look for ways to warm your baby’s milk or food. Therefore, you do not have to dread traveling with your little ones.
  • Constant Temperature – A bottle warmer will keep milk at your desired milk temperature. Milk easily goes bad due to changes in temperature. To preserve the warm temperature, keep the milk or food in the warmer.
  • Portable – Most portable bottle warmers are light and compact. They can be easily carried anywhere. 

Final Thoughts

While having a baby will have an impact on your life, you don’t need to stop travelling or running daily errands. In the modern world there are plenty of specially designed baby products that will make your life easier, and this includes travel baby bottle warmers.

If you can think of any other advantages please feel free to comment below!


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