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Buying a Baby Food Maker - Our Top Tips

buying an automatic baby food maker

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Buying A Baby Food Maker

Many parents are overjoyed when it’s finally time to wean their little ones. The excitement and anticipation on how the baby will respond to his/her first food is palpable. What will my baby’s facial expression be? Will he or she give a grimace or a smile? Will my baby spit the food or gobble it up happily?

This excitement, however, can be cut short if parents have to use countless pans and pots to prepare baby’s food. Therefore, fixing the baby’s meals can turn into a daunting project and leave the already exhausted parents feeling trapped.

Such parents can, however, gain a lot of freedom by buying a baby food maker. But how does one make the right purchase since there are so many options available out there? The secret is to buy a baby food blender and steamer that is up to your needs. One that will save you time and perform more than one task efficiently. If you can lay your hands on such an automatic baby food maker, then the weaning journey will be a breeze.

The Cherub Baby Automatic Baby Food Maker is an excellent choice as it does more than prepare and cook the baby’s food. It is an all-in one baby steamer blender that will wow you with the following multiple tasks:

  • Steam and cook
  • Blend
  • Sterilize baby’s bottles, pacifiers, and other accessories
  • Warm baby’s bottles, food pouches, and other containers

But what really makes the Cherub Baby Food Maker a cut above the rest? We give details about the seven top functions that make it a must below:

automatic baby food maker

1. Safety

Young babies are at a critical developmental stage and all caution is required to ensure they are protected from harmful substances. All the parts of this baby food blender and steamer are BPA free so parents can rest assured that no chemicals will leach into baby’s food. This appliance also comes with an automatic overheating protector to further reinforce safety. This ensures that no parts of this appliance are smoking or melting.

But this is not the only kind of safety this baby food steamer has to offer. It is designed to ensure the whole cooking process is done safely. The cooking is centralized therefore eliminating the risk of your baby’s food being contaminated. Also, while warming their baby’s food, some parents resort to putting hot water in jugs then immersing the food containers or milk bottles. This method apart from being time-consuming is also risky as the hot water can easily scald if not handled carefully. The Cherub baby food maker solves this as it uses the steam from the food cooking to warm bottles, food pouches, and other containers.

2. All-In-One Function

This super baby food blender and steamer can do everything you need - steaming, cooking, blending, warming and even sterilizing bottles. With this multifunctional appliance, parents get to save time, money and kitchen space too. No need to buy multiple appliances when you can have all of them neatly tucked into one. This is great innovation that has all parents covered.

3. Efficiency

The Cherub baby food maker is enhanced to ensure high performance of all its functions. At the push of buttons, your baby’s food is ready within minutes. The blender has powerful motors and blades that will puree your preferred baby meals ranging from fruits and vegetables to meats. It also has an LCD screen from where you can choose the suitable cooking time for your baby’s food. The food timer automatically goes off once the set time expires. This ensures the food does not overcook and frees you to go about other duties without worry. For the working mums who wish to make extra baby food and refrigerate, this amazing baby food steamer has enough capacity to accommodate more than one meal.

4. Easy to Use

Both working and stay home mums have the daunting task of juggling motherhood and other demanding chores. Kitchen appliances that are not straightforward are therefore a nuisance to them. The Cherub baby food steamer is designed with this reality in mind and comes with easy to follow steps. It is also easy to disassemble the blender and all its parts are accessible for cleaning. The food and blending containers are dish washer friendly while the blade and seals should be hand washed. The electrical part should be carefully wiped down with a warm, damp cloth.

5. Reliability

The Cherub Baby Food Maker is a trusted friend in the parenting journey. It is durable and will see your baby through all the different stages of weaning without breaking down. Smaller babies require very smooth consistencies for their pureed food. With this baby food steamer, you will not need to keep checking your infant’s food for lumps in fear of choking. As your child grows older, they move on to more chunky foods. The Cherub baby food processor achieves all these varying food textures as desired at the push of a button.

6. Healthy Cooking

When buying a baby food blender and steamer, it’s all about your little munchkin. You want one that will help you achieve the yummiest healthy meals that your baby deserves. Steaming is the best cooking method for your baby’s food. It preserves the foods vitamins, minerals, and textures. With the Cherub baby food blender, you get to experiment with a wide range of foods for your baby to ensure a balanced diet. You can whip up delectable meals for your baby which will encourage your baby to be a great feeder. Having a baby food processor is also a great way of ensuring your baby benefits from fresh homemade food. It wards off the temptation to buy commercially produced food.

7. Versatility

You may assume that your treasured baby food processor can only be used for your baby’s needs. The truth is that you can use it for your many other culinary needs in your kitchen. You can use it to whip up sauces, smoothies, soups, salad dressings and much more. You just need to ensure you clean the appliance well to avoid contaminating your baby’s food. Cleaning the baby food blender should not be a problem since the appliance is very easy to clean. When all your children have fully transitioned to the family’s diet, you do not need to tuck away the food processor. You can do so much more with it.


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