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Top Baby Girl Names 2020

Baby Naming

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Are you still looking for the right name to fit your little princess? Are you still deciding what to choose among the best baby girl names?

Finding the right name for your baby girl may come as a daunting task but in the end, you’ll actually realise just how fun it is! But don’t worry, Cherub Baby did a little research to give you some ideas on the most popular baby girl names. We hope this helps!

Baby Girl Names

Popular Baby Girl Names

The names Sienna, Isabella and Ella were quite popular in mid 2010’s but they left the Australian top 10 by 2019, with Emily, Amelia and Ava taking their place. Meanwhile, Charlotte retained its place at no.1 with 1,854 baby girls having been given this name in 2020. According to McCrindle Research, this is by far the most popular name for girls across Australia.

This year, softer sounding names are more popular for girls while baby boy names are usually short, sharp and firm. A few years back, unisex names triumphed over the gendered ones, but this year going more traditional is the norm.

Based on the numbers, celebrity baby names are also climbing up the ranks. Harper, the name of Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter is rising up the list of top 100 baby girl names this year.

The birth of the little Prince George also inspired many Australian parents to name their sons George. This made the solid, traditional name one of the most popular baby boy names for 2020.

Celebrities are a tough act to follow when it comes to baby names but you can still give your bundle of joy an unusual name. Unique baby names like MackenzieAdelisa, and Maven are good examples of some special names in 2020. They are not in the top 10 of course but they are good choices. Many parents still love to name their daughter after famous stars, hoping they could be one someday.

baby girl names 2


As for unique baby names, there’s another trend you can follow – getting inspiration from nature. Summer, Meadow and Lilly are just a few examples.

Statistics also show that many parents are now choosing to name their child with geographic names like Savannah, Sydney, and CanberraCharlotte, the no. 1 baby girl name for this year is also an international place name. In Australia, many girls have been named Victoria but interestingly enough, New South Wales has more Victoria’s this year as compared to the Victoria’s in the State of Victoria. Chelsea, a Melbourne suburb, is also rather popular and is in the top 100 of baby girl names. Isabella in NSW also got a lot of attention with 1,441 baby girls being named Isabella in 2020.

Further research led us to the current top 10 baby girl names in Australia for 2020. Here they are:

Popular Baby Girl Names of 2020


Charlotte is a name of a place and many notable figures in history carry the name Charlotte. This includes the first African-American woman to become a lawyer – Charlotte E. Ray, plus writer Charlotte Bronte, and poet Charlotte Mew.


Early rock classic Ruby Tuesday has made the name Ruby popular. The song was released by the Rolling Stones in 1967, but the name Ruby is still going strong today.


Many famous people bore this name including actresses Lily Loveless and Lily Cole, and Victoria’s Secret model, Lily Aldridge. It’s also quite prevalent in popular culture as Harry Potter’s mom bears the name Lily. It is also the most popular flower name for baby girls.


Olivia means “symbol of peace” and the ancient Greek name has been used throughout history as well as mdern times. Famous Olivia's include Olivia Newton-John from Grease, and Olivia de Havilland from the classic film Gone with the Wind, these are just two examples of stars who bear the name.


While Chloe and its French equivalent Chloé are popular in many cultures, the name originated in Greece. In today's popular culture, there’s Aunt Chloe in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Chloe in the opera called Princess Ida and Chloe Cammeniti in the hit TV show Neighbours.


Meaning “wisdom” in Greek, many Sophia’s have graced the field of education with Sofia Kovalevskaya, a mathematician from Russia, and Sophia Stoddard, an educator. A number of royals also bear the name. This includes Infanta Sofia of Spain, born in the year 2007, and Queen Sofia, her grandmother, among others.


Thanks to poet Emily Dickinson, the name Emily is often associated with literary works. The name which means “rival” in Latin is famous in the English speaking world. It has gained popularity with the success of movie star Emily Blunt in recent years.


The short form of the name Miriam, Mia is also related to Mary and Maria. One of the most famous Mia’s is Australian actress Mia Wasikowska. And also gained popularity when Lleyton and Bec Hewitt called one of their daughters Mia.


Amelia Earhart, a famous aviatrix is only one of the many Amelia’s who made it to history books. In popular culture, the Harry Potter series has an Amelia in the character of Amelia Bones.


This biblical name is popular across cultures. Some say that it is a variant of Even or Eva, but the meaning is the same - it means living and breathing which is all any of us wishes for our baby!

Baby Girl Names 3

So Which One To Choose?

With so many baby girl names to choose from, parents may worry if they have not come up with a name come mum’s due date. But the best and easiest way to choose a name is to think of its relevance you, the parents, and your family connections.

You may have a family name that means something to you, or your marriage may have been inspired by a movie, place or song that you can take inspirations from. Or perhaps your great grandmother may have made a difference in your lives.

Whatever it is, there may be an obvious reason for choosing a name for your baby girl. However, don’t be surprised if the name only comes to you when you see her sweet face following delivery.


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