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Indoor Activities For Toddlers - Our Top 10 Ideas

indoor activities for toddlers

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Indoor Activities For Toddlers

Are you looking for indoor activities for toddlers during these trying times, when we’re all being asked to stay at home?

Keeping your toddler occupied and entertained at home can be challenging, even at the best of times. For example, your toddler may be used to going to daycare and playing with friends; you may be used to working full-time and so not used to keeping your toddler busy 24/7.

Whatever your situation, we at Cherub Baby have come up with a list of top 10 indoor activities for toddlers to help you keep them busy when they have to stay at home:


1. Finger Painting

Firstly, finger painting stimulates your toddlers senses, their hand eye co-ordination and muscle control. It can be a bit messy but that’s part of the fun! So to help control that mess we came up with the idea that you could fill our Cherub Baby mini food pouches with different colours of paint. That way you can either squeeze out small amounts of paint onto your toddlers fingers or squirt small amounts of paint directly onto the paper. Either way, there will be less mess and more fun!


2. Playing With Toys

It may sound simple but playing with toys should be in every mum’s top 10 indoor activities for toddlers. Playing with toys helps with problem solving, nurtures creativity and imagination, plus it helps to teach toddlers about sharing by playing with others. But consider educational toys that fit with your toddlers interests like colouring books, puzzles and games. Playing with a favourite toy could keep your toddler entertained for hours, just be prepared to clean up afterwards!


3. Making Homemade Ice Pops

We know that kids love ice pops right? So why not get your toddler involved! Set simple tasks like peeling a banana, squeezing oranges or stirring the mix. These tasks will help to teach your toddler to focus, and help with their co-ordination and motor skills. Our Cherub Baby freeze n squeeze refillable ice pop pouches are ideal for this. Plus ice pops are a healthy treat for the whole family.


Reusable Ice Pops


4. Cooking

We don’t have to stop at ice pops – cooking is a great indoor activity for your toddler. Get your child involved by asking them to help with putting away the groceries, grating some cheese or helping to put veggies and cut fruit into the blender. There are many ways to get your toddler involved. The main thing is to be interactive and the many benefits can include the following:

  • an increase in social interaction,
  • developing motor skills,
  • reading and simple math skills,
  • teaching the basics in life skills,
  • developing an awareness of healthy eating.


5. Baking

Have you forgotten just how much fun baking can be? Baking is one of the best indoor activities for toddlers. Baking gives your toddler a chance to get ‘stuck in’ and get his or her hands ‘dirty’. Get them to help mix and roll pastry. Even playing with the dough, while you’re making the more serious stuff will help them develop their co-ordination skills. Making cup cakes, muffins and brownies will make sure the whole family is kept happy.


6. Let Them Wash Dishes

So after the ice pops, the cooking and the baking, let your toddler wash the dishes! All kids love to play with water, so why not put that to good use? Let them stand on a chair or use a plastic bowl on the floor, and remember to put lots of towels around as everything is about to get wet. This fun activity will help to develop shape and colour recognition, and their co-ordination. But just make sure to exclude any glass or breakable items and sharp objects.


7. Exercise Together

Missing your pilates or yoga class? Either of these are great indoor activities for toddlers! Why not find a Youtube class and practice with your toddler on your living room floor. Your fitness regime doesn’t have to exclude your toddler. In fact, the benefits for both you and your toddler are endless. Exercising together will create an even stronger bond, plus it will help use up some of your toddlers’ boundless energy.


8. Reading

Staying at home is a great opportunity to begin teaching your toddler to read. Researchers have found that reading to your child can increase their vocabulary and reading skills which will lead them to have advanced skills when they first start school. In addition, reading a bed-time story to your toddler provides excellent bonding time and can teach your child that reading can be fun. Choose books with bright colourful illustrations and simple stories to keep your toddler interested.


9. Giving Your Toddler a Bath

Having to stay at home means you can’t go to the pool or spend a day at the beach. Letting your toddler spend time playing in the bath maybe the next best thing. This indoor activity for toddlers means you don’t have to worry about sunscreen or life-jackets, just give them some toys to play with and let them splash around. Our Cherub Baby Silicone Suction Bath Toys are sure to keep your toddler occupied with hours of fun.  After all the finger painting and baking this is a good way to combine playtime and bath time!

Silicone Suction Bath Toys

10. Taking a Nap

With all these indoor activities for toddlers, don’t forget to let your toddler take a nap! You’re little one needs to sleep between 12-14 hours a day. Make sure your toddler takes a nap during the day, and not too close to bedtime as this may disrupt their night time sleep. Letting your toddler take a nap will ensure that your get a welcome breather too.


Important things to remember:

Toddlers are undoubtedly full of energy and are easily distracted, so it’s important to keep them busy and interested. These indoor activities for toddlers are a guide only and what works one day may not work the next. So, you may need to change the activity several times a day. Finally, remember to keep your precious little one supervised at all times.


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