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Top 10 Baby Shower Messages

Baby Shower Messages

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Selecting your Baby Shower Message

So you’ve bought the perfect gift and selected a beautiful baby shower card, but now it’s time to write the perfect baby shower message. And now you’re stumped with your version of writer’s block. We've put together a list of our top 10 baby shower messages to help you find the words you would like to say to the new mum.

A baby shower is a brief welcome of escape for the mum-to-be. It’s a time to relax and have a bit of fun before the hard work really begins. It’s a chance to celebrate the new baby with close family and friends before the baby arrives. As a family member or close friend you will want to express your congratulations. Selecting your baby card and baby shower message will mean a lot to the new parents-to-be. So writing the right words for your baby shower message will go a long way.

In this article we will give you our top 10 baby shower messages which we hope will inspire you. Plus you can use them to adapt them to express how you feel towards the new parents-to-be.

Baby Shower Messages

Message #1 Rhyming Fun

Baby booties, baby toys, baby shower, baby joys. Warmest wishes to you and your baby. Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart.

Message #2 Well Wishes

Congratulations!  I’m wishing you an easy pregnancy, a smooth delivery, and endless joy at home with your new sweet baby!

Message #3 Unconditional Love

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts for ever. Enjoy this unconditional love.

Message #4 Shopping Heaven

Congratulations and all the best for the upcoming baby birth! So many things are needed for the new arrival, which makes it a great excuse for me to shop!

Message #5 Baby Blessings

In another couple of weeks, it’s going to be good-bye tummy and hello mommy! Can’t wait to see your baby’s pink-cheeked face and two beautiful eyes. We know your baby, be it a girl or a boy, will be a bundle of joy. We are hoping to see your new star soon and a shower of blessings to both you and your new baby.

Message #6 New Life

Here’s to celebrating a new life, a new adventure, and many firsts! Congratulations!

Message #7 New Arrival

Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival! You baby’s almost here! What could be more wonderful? There are no words for this new baby you are bringing into this world. Your life is now going to be changed forever, but it will only bring you joy. I wish you all the best.

Message #8 Celebrations

Your baby shower is a celebration I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Thanks for the invite and I look forward to being here for you in the future. X

Message #9 Friendship Matters

No one can totally prepare you for being a mother, but you’ll learn everything you need to know at just the right times. And I’ll be here to help when and if you need me.

Message #10 Healthy Baby

Wishing you a happy and healthy baby and I hope your life only gets better from now on. Happy baby shower and I’m confident that you will both be great parents to your new baby!


While we hope that our top 10 baby shower messages will give you inspiration, nothing speaks better than a message from the heart. Your personal message can make the mum-to-be feel appreciated and overwhelmed with emotions. Your message will show how much you love and care for her, and how sincerely you want her to have a healthy, happy baby. Therefore, no matter what your gift is, make sure you leave a heartfelt message attached for the new mum to cherish it.

While this is our top 10, please feel free to add yours in the comments below!


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