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Reusable Food Pouches – For The Whole Family!

Food Pouch

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Reusable food pouches are gaining popularity all over the world. Earlier food pouches were used just for storing baby meals; that is not the case anymore. You can use reusable food pouches for the whole family to store nutritious meals, snacks and other essentials, making them a must have household item.

What are the advantages of reusable food pouches?

A reusable food pouch is the best waste-free way to serve pureed fruit and veggies, yoghurt and much more to your to your child. Easy to clean, store and carry with you. They are affordable and very versatile!

  • Portable: The main advantage is that they are extremely portable. Whether you are out traveling or off to the shops, you can use these baby food bags to carry baby's meals, snacks and other personal items.
  • Serving size: They allow you to portion! Snack size and ready to go.
  • Easy to use: These handy reusable bags can be used not just to store food items, but also to cool, warm and even serve baby meals. Thus, you do not have to look around for other bowls or utensils.
  • Ecofriendly: They are eco-friendly as the pouches are washable and reusable.
  • The make it easier to make your own healthy homemade baby food – healthier for baby and easy on wallet!

There are so many different uses for these great little pouches!

For Babies

A reusable baby food pouch is the easiest way to carry, store and serve homemade baby food. Fill the baby food pouch with the required quantity of baby food, and you are good to go. When baby is ready for solids, you can puree and portion baby meals and freeze it in several baby food pouches – mess free! At the time of feeding, you can straight away warm the food and feed the baby, whether you are out and about or at home, there is no fiddling around. You can even attach a food pouch spoon to serve baby straight from the pouch!

Reusable Food Pouches  

Reusable Food Pouches

For Toddlers/Kids

  • Yogurt: You can buy a large tub of yogurt, portion it and store it in the reusable pouch. If is much economical and eco-friendly than purchasing individual portions. You could buy a large tub of natural sugar free yogurt and add blended fruit or even better – you can make your own healthy yogurt, portion it and store in reusable pouches. Bub can eat straight from the pouch! Add on a food pouch spout for flow control.
  • Cut up fruit & veg: You can cut up fruit and vegetables, portion and freeze or refrigerate in a reusable food pouch – ready for whenever you want to make a smoothie or cook! Also a great alternative to cling wrapping half used veggies. We throw out around 14% of the groceries we buy every week – as soon as something looks like it’s going off – chuck it in one of these pouches and freeze! You do not have to worry about space constraint in your refrigerator or freezer as the reusable pouch is more compact than containers.
  • Soup: You can prepare healthy homemade soup for your kids, portion it and store it in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Smoothies: Prepare delicious healthy smoothies for your toddler and store it in the refrigerator. They can drink it straight from the pouch!
  • Crafts projects: Looking for neat and clean ways to use the glitter for your kid’s project? Fill the pouch with glitter and your kid can squeeze it and use it for her craft activities.
  • Snacks: Nuts, dried fruit, cut up fresh fruit or carrot sticks.. perfect for day trips or school lunches! 

Homemade Yoghurt   

Homemade Yoghurt

Homemade yogurt recipe from Little Big H here! 

For Adults

While adults can also use the reusable pouches for smoothies, snacks etc, these food pouches are not just about storing food. There are many other uses:

  • Icing: Looking for ways to do icing on the cake? Fill the pouch with icing mix and decorate the cake!
  • Pancakes: You can use the reusable food pouch to make pancakes (perfect for fun batter letters)
  • Breastmilk: Fill the reusable food pouch with milk and freeze it. (we also have reusable milk pouches for this!)

For Traveling/Camping

  • Dishwashing liquid: The reusable food pouch can be used to store dishwashing liquid which can be easily carried around.
  • Sunscreen! Buy a cheaper large bottle and just take what you need for the day in a pouch!
  • Trinkets: The reusable baby food pouch is an easy way to carry your trinkets, pins and hair ties while traveling
  • Small toiletries & makeup can now be stored easily thanks to the reusable food pouch
  • Sand & waterproof: Anything you want to keep sand out of at the beach or around water (e.g earphones)
  • Fishing: bait, hooks etc
  • Loose change/bank cards
  • Dips and sauces: Just take what you need – dips and sauces can easily be carried around in the reusable food pouch.
  • Drinks: The reusable food pouch can be used to carry cocktail or mocktail for your BBQ party.

Bonding Time

Family Bonding Time

As you can see, these food pouches are not just for storing food for babies (although they are excellent for that!) They can also can be put to a variety of uses. All you need is some imagination and creative thought to make the best use of the affordable, versatile pouches!

What other uses have you found for these versatile bags? Let us know how you are suing reusable food pouches for the whole family!

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