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Baby Food Storage Tips For Feeding On The Go.

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Travelling With Baby

Travel doesn’t have to stop just because you have a baby. With good baby food storage and a little planning, travelling with your little one can easily be done.

A long car journey should be pretty straight forward as you can choose when to stop, and plan your feeds. If you are flying a little more preparation will be necessary. Different airlines have different policies about travelling with a baby, so always check when you book.

Breastfeed If You Can


Breastfeeding obviously makes things easier as you don’t need to bring any extra gear. Plus food is always close by when bub gets hungry.  Have a light blanket with you to afford yourself some privacy, but don’t feel embarrassed about breastfeeding in public – it’s the most natural way to feed your baby! Make sure you wear a comfortable, ‘breastfeeding friendly’ outfit to make life easier.

Baby Food Storage Suggestions:

Bottle Feeding

You can use a bottle for baby food storage for breast milk or formula while travelling. Make sure you express enough breast milk for the whole trip, alternatively carry a breast milk pump just in case. If you’re formula feeding, the easiest travel solution is to use ready-made formula which is available in handy cartons and disposable bottles. These are convenient as they can be offered at room temperature. But if your baby prefers warm milk, you could use a travel bottle warmer in your car, or if you’re flying, ask a cabin crew member for help heating a bottle.

If you are formula feeding, check ahead if your brand is available at your destination. Formula can be bulky, and you want to travel as light as possible. Make sure you have everything easily accessible. Pack a light day bag with your bottles, teats, towels, spare nappy and a change of baby clothes to make your life easier.

Reusable Pouches

Reusable Food Pouches

If your baby has started solids already then a great baby food storage solution is to use reusable baby food pouches. Baby food pouches are perfect for travelling, they make feeding your little one so easy. You can fill them with breastmilk, formula or bub’s favourite puree, throw them into your day bag and pull them out whenever your little one is hungry. By using reusable baby food pouches you get to make your own baby food puree so you know exactly what you are feeding your baby (no added sugar or preservatives with funny numbers that you don’t understand). Plus reusable food pouches will save you money. Each pouch can be washed and reused many times over, so you won’t need be constantly stocking up on pre-filled pouches from the grocery store.

What to Look for in a Reusable Baby Food Pouch

There are four things you should look out for before buying reusable baby food pouches:

  1. The Right Size – You want a single pouch to be big enough to fill your hungry baby. Remember, a baby will eat much less than a hungry toddler. Reusable pouches come in sizes ranging from 3 oz to 7 oz. If you’re unsure of how much your little one will eat, buy a larger size and start by half-filling with baby food. You can always add more if he or she is still hungry.
  2. Make Sure It’s Easy To Clean – The quicker you can wash your baby’s food pouch, the more time you have for other things. Look out for pouches with a with wide opening that will allow you to easily clean any left over baby food hiding inside. Even better, some pouches are dishwasher safe allowing you to clean them with the press of a button.
  3. Freezer Friendly – If you want to prepare baby food in bulk and throw it in the freezer, then a freezer safe food pouch will allow you to fill up multiple food pouches and store them until needed. It may sound simple, but look for food pouches that clearly indicate whether they are freezer safe or not. If there is no mention of the pouch being freezer safe then it is best to assume that it isn’t.
  4. BPA & BPS Free? – Recent studies have shown that these are all things you don’t want inside your baby’s pouch. These nasty chemicals can be absorbed into your baby’s food and may lead to serious medical conditions Your baby food pouches should clearly state if they are BPA and BPS free.

Reusable Food Pouch


Timing Your Feeds

Travelling by car or train, timing your feeds is not so important as you will be free to feed as you normally would. Travelling by plane is a little more complicated. Try to time your feeds for take-off and landing. Sucking can relieve the ‘ear-popping’ or ear pain that can occur when climbing or descending, plus feeding will offer the comfort and reassurance your baby may need in a strange and noisy environment. If it’s not possible to feed your little one during take-off or landing then it’s recommended to have a dummy or pacifier on hand.

If you’re flying you may be wondering about taking baby food storage containers on the plane. The normal rules for liquid don’t apply to baby food, so it’s fine to take baby food or breast milk in resealable containers. Make sure you keep them in a small cool bag if the journey is a long one.

Hopefully, this has helped to shed some light about Baby Food Storage Tips For Feeding On The Go.

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