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Top Tips: How To Store Breast Milk?

Baby Milk Storage

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  • How To Store Breast Milk?

    If you are breastfeeding and storing breast milk for later use, below are some helpful tips on bottle feeding your baby and using breast milk storage bags.

    1. Firstly, wash your hands and nails thoroughly with hot soapy water. Then wash and sterilise all the bottle parts including the teats. We recommend the use of breast milk bags for storing breast milk. This is due to their convenience and ease of use, plus our  Thermosensor breast milk bags milk bags are designed for this specific purpose. They are compact, come pre-sterilised and include an easy to read measuring scale and labelling area.

    2. After expressing breast milk into the bottle, portion the milk into breast milk storage bags with enough milk in each bag for one feed only. Afterwards, zip up the breast milk storage bags and, most importantly, label with date and time.

    3. Always keep prepared breast milk in the fridge or freezer if you plan keeping it for longer periods. However, the length of  time you can store your breast milk is dependent on where you keep your breast milk.


    breast milk bag storage

        How Long Can I Store Breast Milk?

        At room temperature: 3 – 4 hours

        Refrigerator: 24 hours only – recommended

        Freezer: Up to 3 months

        From freezer to fridge: Thawed breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

        To freeze:

        For frozen breast milk ensure bags are zipped tight and remove any excess air from the bag. This will help to prevent any ice particles forming inside the breast milk bag and creates an air tight seal.  Always place in the back or middle of your freezer where it is the coldest.

        To thaw:

        To thaw breast milk, please place the breast milk bag in a saucer of warm water and let it thaw slowly. We recommend you use warm water and not hot water as hot water can destroy the antibodies contained in the breast milk.

        breast milk bags


        Above all, breastfeeding has proven to provide long term health benefits including vital brain development.  The antibodies in breast milk helps to protect your baby against infection. In addition, breast milk helps to reduce the effect of certain conditions including eczema, asthma and diabetes.


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