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How To Cook Baby Food In A Hotel

how to cook baby food in a hotel


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Are you planning to travel with your young baby and are worried about how to cook baby food in a hotel? Many young mums get stressed about travelling with a baby, especially if they are starting solids. However, there’s no need to stress about feeding your baby. With a little planning it shouldn’t be any more difficult than at home.

Breastfeeding is obviously the easiest. But how do you manage when a baby is getting a bit older, or if your baby is exclusively bottle fed? In this article, we will give tips and advice about how to cook baby food in a hotel or when you are travelling.

But firstly, check ahead!

Whether you are staying in a hotel, guest house, or Airbnb, it is a good idea to check what equipment will be available for you to use. An Airbnb will most likely be better equipped and will hopefully feel more like a home away from home. But nowadays, most hotels and guest house rooms come with a fridge, tea and coffee making facilities (so you can boil water) and possibly even a microwave.

It’s always a good idea to check ahead and see what will be available for you to work with. This will give you a good indication of how to cook baby food in your hotel. If there is no fridge or a kettle, put in a request and explain you are holidaying with a baby. If they object or refuse, it’s a good idea to book somewhere else.

Food To Carry When Travelling With Baby

If you are only planning to be away for a few days, then it’s possible to take your own pre-homemade baby meals. A simple idea is to pack frozen meals into a cooler box with some ice. Then when you arrive at your holiday destination you can put these meals straight in the fridge for use over the next few days. Longer trips will take a bit more planning.

The best baby food for travel includes:

  • Baby cereal, which is easy to mix with a little breast milk or bottled water;
  • Homemade baby meals packed in reusable food pouches;
  • Store bought food pouches or jars that are easy to heat;
  • Soft foods such as avocado and bananas that are easily mashed with a fork
  • Plain yogurt which needs no preparation.

Solids Feeding Kit

Baby Travel Food Storage

Going on holiday doesn’t have to stop because you have a baby. With good baby food storage and a little planning, travelling with your little one can easily be done. Unfortunately, as your family grows, so will your amount of luggage. Try to pack a dedicated baby bag with all the necessary teats, bottles, reusable food pouches, bowls, spoons, towels and bibs you think you will need.

Tupperware or plastic containers come in very useful when you are out and about. Not only for feeding baby but for storing everything that needs washing when you get back to your hotel room.

Read our article ‘Baby Food Storage Tips For Feeding On The Go‘ for some other simple ideas.

How To Cook Baby Food In A Hotel

As long as you have access to a fridge and warm water you will have no problem making baby food in a hotel. Here are a few ideas about how to cook baby food in a hotel room:


Remember, baby food only needs to be warm and not piping hot. Standing a baby bottle, reusable food pouch or jar in the bathroom sink of hot water won’t take long to warm up.


The Cherub Baby Click and Go Travel Bottle Warmer is the perfect baby bottle heater that can be used anywhere. It is portable, re-usable and heats instantly. This travel bottle warmer is cordless and doesn’t need a powerpoint, so it is perfect for travel and hotel stays. Simply click the disc inside the gel pack to heat your formula or breast milk with the click activated heating system. It heats and keeps warm baby bottles, breast milk bags and reusable baby food pouches.

Click n Go


The Cherub Baby Car Bottle and Food Warmer will fit most jars and bottles due to the adjustable heat wrap. This car bottle warmer now comes with a USB cable and power bank. So now you never have to worry about finding somewhere with power or baby milk warmer. Simply use the warmer with the power pack for heating formula, breast milk and baby food anywhere at any time.

Car Bottle Warmer


While some parents are happy to use a microwave to cook baby’s food, we do not recommend them for warming. A microwave does not heat evenly and may cause hot spots that could burn your baby’s mouth. However if you do have one in your hotel room, they are perfect for sterilising your baby’s bottles, teats, cups, bowls and spoons. Make sure to bring along a pack of microwave steriliser bags, which are portable, quick and safe to use.

If your room has a kettle you can use that to sterilise your baby’s gear, but it’s not quite as easy as with a microwave and the steriliser bags.

Final word:

Travelling with a young baby can seem like a daunting prospect. However, with a bit of planning it needn’t be. Whether it’s a weekend away, or a longer holiday you just need a bit of preparation.

For more information about travelling with a baby, you can read our article ‘Baby Travel Essentials: What to Pack and Unpack Before a Holiday’ for some useful advice.



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