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The Best Forehead Thermometer That Could Save Your Baby’s Life!

Touchless Infrared Digital Thermometer

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We think this newly released touchless thermometer has groundbreaking accuracy, making it the best forehead thermometer available.

The fact that this new touchless thermometer takes a continuous reading across the entire forehead and then displays the highest reading, works amazingly well. In fact, it's the best forehead thermometer on the market.

Forehead Thermometer

Which Type Of Thermometer Is Best For Your Baby?

Oral, ear, forehead or underarm.  Which type of thermometer is the safest, most accurate, fast and easy to use?

There are hundreds of options on the market. So choosing the right one provides peace of mind and a safety net for when your baby gets a fever.

A thermometer that works accurately and fast is important. Why?  Trying to get an accurate reading that takes 30 seconds from a wriggly baby is near impossible.  Forehead thermometers do provide the fastest readings and tend to be the most convenient. However, many parents have found themselves frustrated by the inaccurate readings of some thermometers on the market.

Janet Gibson, Mum of 3 kids explained;

“After trying 3 different forehead thermometers from 3 different brands, all giving me inaccurate results I was ready to suck it up and go back to an old fashioned mercury thermometer.  A friend told me about Cherub Baby’s new 5 in 1 thermometer with Accuscan technology and I decided to give it one last ditch attempt.  I’ve been so happy that the readings have been consistently accurate.  The fact that this new thermomer takes a continuous reading across the entire forehead and then displays the highest reading, seems to really work well. Plus it also works as an ear thermometer so I’ve been able to cross check the readings for peace of mind”


The Problem?

The issue with most touchless thermometers that take a single reading is that different sides and parts of the body, including the forehead, have different temperatures.  This results in different readings being obtained and confusion as to which is accurate.


The Solution!

The Accuscan technology from Cherub Baby takes that guesswork away. Furthermore the continuous reading scans a much larger area across the forehead. This detects any inconsistencies and calculates the data taken to give the most accurate reading. This cutting edge technology is available with  Cherub Baby’s 5 in 1 Touchless Forehead, Ear and Bath Thermometer.

5 in 1 Thermometer

This thermometer acts not only as a touchless forehead thermometer but also as an ear thermometer. It can also be used as a bath thermometer, room thermometer or an object thermometer (to check your baby bottle temperatures etc).

Cherub Baby’s thermometer range has won a combined 7 awards for Best Baby Thermometer from the likes of Mother and Baby Magazine and My Child Magazine. It has even been given the prestigious Choice Magazines “preferred product”.

The 5 in 1 thermometer is now available from these retailers.

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