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Choosing Baby Names – Tips and Advice

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When it comes to choosing baby names, there’s no shortage of options, but how do you make the ultimate decision? The name you choose for your baby will be a defining piece of his or her identity and stays with them for a lifetime. Some parents have their baby’s name picked before their baby is conceived, while others wait until after their little one is born.

If choosing a name is hard for one parent, finding something you both like is even trickier. There are so many things to consider, but the most important is that both of you love the name.

Tips On Choosing Baby Names

Here are some tips you may want to keep in mind when choosing baby names:

  • How your baby’s name sounds when it is said aloud and how does the name sound with your surname?
  • Picture your child not as a cute baby but as a grown-up carrying the name you picked.
  • Bear in mind that your baby will become an adult one day.
  • Pretend that you’re naming yourself.
  • Share your top picks to your family and friends whose taste you trust to be a sounding board.
  • If your family and friends are all going to hate the name you chose that’s a good warning sign.
  • A name no one can pronounce can cause endless confusion and draw unwanted attention.
  • If you chose a very unique name, test out on friends and family and see how they spell it.
  • If your partner hates your favourite name, don’t force it.
  • Check the meaning of baby names.
  • You may want to conduct a poll survey using social media.
  • Make sure you’re happy with both the long and short versions of your child’s name.
  • Consider initials like JM for John Michael or MJ for Mary Jean.
  • Get creative with the way you use family names and contemplate combining them.
  • Be aware of gender affiliations.

In addition:

Don’t forget to make the name meaningful. Your baby’s name should bring pleasant feelings to people around him. It should reflect the qualities and traits that you hope your child will possess. Choosing a name by the meaning is one way to narrow down the list of names you like but remember that everyone has an opinion. If it is a very unique name, consider withholding sensitive name information until your baby is born. If you keep feeling hesitant about a particular name, it may be a good sign that it isn’t the right one.


Popular Names & Meanings Of 2014

To help you choose further, below are some popular and best names of 2014 with their fun meanings.  

Many baby names that parents choose for their baby seem to be inspired by their favourite celebrities. Celebrity baby names are often the most creative, unique, classy and sometimes very fun. These are some of the interesting names most recent celebrity parents have given their children.

  1. GENESIS ALI – Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz’s son
  2. REIGN ASTON – Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick’s son
  3. DELTA BELL – Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard’s daughter
  4. RAPHAEL – Melissa George’s son
  5. BODHI RANSOM – Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green’s son
  6. FRANKIE BARRYMORE – Drew Barrymore’s daughter
  7. JOSH – Tony Parker’s son
  8. RIVER ROSE – Kelly Clarkson’s daughter
  9. AMALIA GABRIELA MARIA TERESA – Princess Claire & Prince Felix of Luxembourg’s daughter
  10. CHLOE SOPHIA – Donald Trump, Jr.’s daughter
  11. SAMUEL HAWKE – Josh Turner’s son
  12. CASH VAN – Dave Haywood’s son

Artists are creative by nature and often give their children quite creative names.

Baby Names

Last Name

Now that you have chosen the first name, whose last name should you give your baby?

Choosing baby’s last name may be very easy for couples who share a last name, but other families have a different process and can be a tough one. Here are some common options to consider in choosing your baby’s last name.

  1. Some mothers combine her last name with the last name of the baby’s father or do a hyphenated last name. For example, Clarkson-Smith.
  2. In some families, the baby may automatically be given the father’s last name.
  3. Other families have an agreement to give all the baby girls mother’s last name, while the baby boy’s got the father’s last name.
  4. Is dad going to be an involved parent?
  5. Will you or the baby’s father have issues if the baby doesn’t have the same last name?
  6. Do you want your child to choose from his/her legal age?

Whatever last name you decide to choose for your child, remember that having a discussion beforehand can be very helpful.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right name for your child is such an important decision and it can be totally overwhelming! It is the name he will write on his test paper, it is the name that his classmates and friends will shout when they play, it is the name he will introduce himself by when he meets the love of his life, and the name that he will grow old with.

Do you want to go for something traditional or modern? Do you use a family name or name them after someone who’s inspired you? The final decision is up to you and your partner.

Choose wisely!

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