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Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups Reviewed by Mums Delivery

Glass Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups

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Glass baby bottles for kids? Are they serious?’ This may have been the first thought to come to my mind when agreeing to review Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Baby Bottles and their Sippy Cups. I have never thought of triying any glass bottle ranges on my kids, but curiosity finally caught up with me.


Cherub Baby colour change glass baby bottles come in 3 stages: Bottle, Sippy Cup and Straw Cups. They cover all the ranges my 10 month and almost 4-year-old are using. The adapters are easy to switch over, and do not involve too many complex parts. The lid from the teat bottle also fits over all adapter parts, making it hygienic when travelling around.


The bottle teat is wide-neck with a peristaltic nipple, and has an anti-colic design. This was important for me to try on my mostly-breastfed and fast gulping 10-month-old, and to my relief it did not upset him. The bottle has also been designed to fit other brand-named teats on it, which means that gone are the days of buying many different glass baby bottles in addition to teats!

glass baby bottles


The Sippy cup spout was easy to insert to transform the bottle for water when trialing out. The water did not spill from it, and the adapter kit made it easy to put handles on to encourage self-drinking.


The third stage, the straw adapter, was a favourite in this household. Both my 10-month-old and almost 4-year-old drank out of this well. The straw-ball weight at the bottom enables drinking from any angle the bottle is held, which is a fabulous feature for the little ones who do not quite grasp the concept of drinking with straw bottles upright.

The best part about the bottle tips being so adaptable for different stages is that our cupboard can be free from many different a bottles for different stages.

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glass straw cup

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