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Best Baby Feeding Products

Best Baby Feeding Products

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Best Baby Feeding Products

Cherub Baby are dedicated to providing Australian families with the safest and most reliable range of  best baby feeding products on the market.

We understand that while there are a large number of baby feeding products available today, many simply do not deliver. Keeping this fact in mind, we design products that are innovative and have both looks and personality to respond to the needs of parents.

Cherub Baby has created a range of the best baby feeding products, specifically designed to make life easier for you and your baby.

Glass Baby Bottles

Our innovative range of Colour Change Glass Bottles are one of our most popular products in the range. In addition, and according to the largest baby expo in the world, Kind + Jugend held in Germany, our glass bottles are one of the best baby feeding products in the world!

Made from break and shock resistant, tempered borosilicate glass, each bottle can withstand temperature of up to 600ºC. This makes them extremely safe and durable. Each bottle comes with a protective and easy to grip 100% food grade, colourful silicone sleeve. These microwave and dishwasher safe glass bottles are perfect for notifying you when the baby’s bottle is too hot. The sleeve changes colour when the bottle gets above 42ºC. The glass bottles are regular width neck bottles and are compatible with regular breast pumps and teats from most major brands.

Because the bottles are made from glass, they are likely to last longer compared to plastic bottles. In fact, we are so convinced about the quality of our bottles we offer a 1 year bottle drop guarantee!

You can use our glass bottles for multiple pregnancies over and over again. Plus they are a great product for environmentally concerned parents as they lead to less plastic in the landfill.

Glass Baby Bottles

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Our convenient, pre-sterilised breast milk storage bags with thermosensor technology let you know when breast milk has defrosted to room temperature and is ready for warming.

Freezing, storing, and reheating breast milk has never been easier! Our breast milk storage bags are another one of our best baby feeding products that we can be proud of.

Breast Milk Bags

Click n Go Travel Bottle Warmers

Another innovative product from Cherub Baby are the Click n Go Travel Baby Bottle and Food Warmers. Warm your baby bottles, food storage containers or even your own coffee on the move; anywhere, anytime.

The warmer does not require any battery or electricity to operate. It works instantly with a click of a metal disc within the gel pack and is designed to be used over and over. It is the perfect and ideal solution for busy parents on the move and is great for family camping trips, weekends away and car trips.

Click n Go Bottle Warmer

Our mission at Cherub Baby is simple; to provide smart, functional and affordable baby products. Designed with safety, function, style and affordability in mind. We believe that we provide the best baby feeding products to make your life easier.


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