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Benefits of Glass Baby Bottles

Glass Baby Bottle

What are the benefits of glass baby bottles over plastic?


Once upon a time, glass baby feeding bottles were the norm. However, they were breakable and heavy so when plastic baby bottles came onto the shelves they were adopted immediately and that was the end of glass baby bottles! For a while anyway.

Later however, when studies began to show the harmful potential effects of BPA (which was found in plastic baby bottles), glass baby bottles became a little more attractive.

Nowadays, glass baby bottles are more sophisticated and have numerous benefits that go above and beyond being chemical free. This article will outline all the advantages and disadvantages of glass baby bottles. Read on to find out more.

benefits of glass baby bottles

Benefits of Glass Baby Feeding Bottles


Easy to Clean


This is a big one for parents, with a never-ending supply of things to clean isn’t it nice when something actually cleans properly and easily? In plastic bottles, the smell of milk or any other liquid tends to linger, they never really are fresh again after the first use. With glass bottles, however, you are certain of fresh smelling bottles after each wash. Also, glass bottles are easy to sterilize without them melting or losing shape.


Environmentally Friendly


Globally, glass is considered a less harmful material to both the environment and to humans compared to plastic. It uses up fewer resources and energy, it is easier to recycle and it lasts longer meaning less waste.




Glass baby feeding bottles are strong and sturdy. Glass does not wear down, discolour, fade or degrade. You never need to throw glass out because it got too old or used. Glass bottles don’t have a lifespan the way that plastic bottles do.


Chemical Free


With glass baby bottles, parents never have to worry about chemicals leaching into their babies liquids. Glass is completely BPA, Phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate free. Parents can rest easy about the safety of their children.


Preserves Flavors and Nutrients


Plastic baby bottles tend to hold on to various smells and odours and impart the same in your baby’s milk or any other fluid. Glass bottles, will help ensure your baby’s milk tastes fresh and pure. Glass baby bottles also prevent oxidation in breast milk and so they preserve all the vital nutrients.


Saves Money


Being highly durable, glass baby bottles will be with you years on end. Parents do not have to keep replacing bottles as a result of wear and tear. Besides, you can pass on glass bottles from one child to the next, allowing parents to save money.


Finding the Right Glass Baby Feeding Bottles


With so many glass bottles on the market, parents are spoilt for choice. At Cherub Baby, our glass bottles have enhanced features that make them a favourite of many parents.


Shock Proof Silicone Sleeves


All Cherub Baby glass baby bottles come with patented silicone sleeves that protect them from breakage. Is your toddler throwing a tantrum? Fret not - our protective sleeve will ensure the bottle doesn’t break, in fact it bounces (check out our video here). These sleeves also give your munchkin a firm grip on the bottle.


Drop Guarantee


At Cherub Baby, we are so confident in the break resistance of our bottles that we provide a one year warranty and will replace your bottle if it breaks with the silicon sleeve fitted on. We can almost bet you will not need a replacement. We have done drop tests from up to three stories high without any breakage. (check the video below)


Enhanced Safety


Our silicone sleeves will change color from vibrant pink/blue, etc to white letting you know that the milk is too hot to serve. Your baby’s safety remains our top priority.






Using the Cherub Baby sippy or straw cup adaptor, you can convert our glass bottle into a glass sippy or straw cup. This not only saves you money but also helps conserve the environment.


glass baby bottles


Safe from Chemicals


We can guarantee your baby total protection. Our Cherub baby glass bottles are BPA, Phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate free. There is absolutely no chance of any harmful properties leaching into your baby’s milk.


Thermal Shock Resistant


Cherub baby glass bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass which is thermal shock resistant. This means that the bottle can withstand extreme temperature changes without incurring damage. Parents can therefore safely transfer bottles of milk directly from the freezer into boiling water. They are also microwave safe.


Disadvantages of Glass Baby Bottles


We understand the concerns some parents have about glass baby bottles. Luckily, Cherub glass bottles are innovatively designed to counter these challenges.


Heavy in Weight


Glass bottles are heavier than plastic bottles. The good news is that our Cherub glass bottles are made from borosilicate glass which is lighter in weight than ordinary glass (it’s the same glass they use in science labs!)




Glass bottles are more expensive than plastic bottles. However, they do not need replacing so often, meaning you save money in the long run.




We agree that despite the high-quality borosilicate glass and the strong protective sleeve, there is no such a thing as break proof glass. However, with our drop guarantee, nothing should stop you from trying our glass bottles. You will be glad you did!

Find out more about our glass baby feeding bottles here!


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