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Baby Shower Gift Ideas


At times, it can be difficult coming up with ideal baby shower gift. But choosing the perfect baby shower present does not have to be a chore, it should be fun! When deciding on a gift, try to pick practical items like nappies, bibs, bath and feeding products etc.

These items are essential for every mum, rather than personal items like clothes. Most mums tend to have pretty good idea of how they want to dress their new baby. Plus they are more likely to buy clothes well before the baby’s arrival. Most people tend to buy items (like clothing or toys) for the baby. However, try not to forget about the new mum-to-be as well if possible.

Gift vouchers (for pedicure/manicure or spa treatment) and vital items like baby bottles, bottle sterilisers and bottle warmers will be highly appreciated by the new mum-to-be.

Cherub Baby offers a selection of practical, stylish, versatile and affordable baby feeding products from breast pumps to bottle warmers, sterilisers and everything else in between. In order to make the selection process easier for you, we have created a new ‘Baby Gift Packs‘ section on our website.

Choose from our standard gift sets or select individual items from our range and make your own gift pack for the new mum-to-be.

The choice is entirely yours! And our gift packs are sure to make your stand out from the crowd at any baby shower.

Glass Bottle Starter Pack

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