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Baby Food Makers vs Food Processors: 5 Great Reasons To Switch

baby food makers vs baby food processors

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Baby food makers vs food processors - which is best?

So your baby is now transitioning from liquid to solid foods. Most mothers will now be wondering “Do I really need to make my own baby food?” Or if you have already decided to make your own baby food you may be wondering “Can I use my food processor or is it better to have a baby food maker?” 

The answers to these two questions are basically up to you as a parent, and will depend on your budget and priorities. However, there are many things to consider for solid feeding and baby food preparation. But the dilemma of choosing between buying an all-in-one baby food maker or just making use of your old food processor is all too real.

In this article we will give you 5 good reasons why you should ditch that food processor. And why all-in-one baby food makers will make your life so much easier instead:

1. Baby Food Makers Will Save You Time

All mothers value time. With hundreds of tasks to do at home and at work, the least a mum deserves is more time to spend on preparing nutritious baby food. And not cleaning all the tools used for cooking! Having an all-in-one baby food maker or at least an all-in-one steamer blender will help cut down your baby food making time. This will enable mums to focus their efforts on rearing the children.

Rachel, a mother of two, says that:


“As a working mum, I hardly have time to prepare my baby’s food. But having an all-in-one baby food maker has saved me more time than a regular kitchen food processor.”


She went on to say that this is because mums don’t have to separately steam and cook in another container. The all-in-one baby food maker has got your baby food preparation covered from chopping, steaming, blending and even sterilises your food jars and baby bottles. Imagine the time saved in the actual cleaning of all kitchen tools and preparation of baby food.

baby food maker

2. Baby Food Makers Will Save You Money


Holding on to your food processor could save you a few dollars in the short term. However, buying a baby food maker will save more money in the long run. An all-in-one baby food maker that can chop, steam, blend and puree baby food will save you hundreds of dollars. It will do away with buying all different food processing equipment as your baby progresses.

Aside from saving on buying different machines, it also saves electricity and water consumption. A popular baby food maker and steamer blender in one is the Cherub Baby Automatic Baby Food Maker. This all-in-one baby food maker can steam, cook and blend your food as well as sterilizing your bottles and accessories. With its automatic timer, this baby food maker gives you maximum control over how you prepare your baby’s food. It’s an all in one device, without having to use any separate appliances.

Aside from baby food, it can also be used in preparing kitchen soups and sauces. And most importantly, because it also steams food, it can also steam baby bottles to sterilize them and ensure no bacteria will contaminate baby’s feeding bottle.


Baby Food Maker

Baby Food Makers vs Food Processors – Tips and Advice

3. Helps With Healthy Food Preparation


When it comes to food health and safety, nothing beats the tender loving care of mothers. This is the reason why making your own baby food is healthier compared to just buying commercial baby food with unknown ingredients in the supermarket.

Good nutrition is important for a growing baby. As a responsible parent, providing baby food that is filled with nutrients and vitamins is a must if you want them to be healthy. A baby food maker is best suited to working with a wide variety of solid foods.

When babies start transitioning from milk to solid food, a baby food maker can steam, chop, blend and puree baby food with ease. This without risk of contaminating the food because it is a steamer and blender in one! As the fruit or vegetables don’t need transferring from one machine to another not only does it lessen exposure to contaminants, but it also retains the nutrients on most fruits and vegetables.


4. Introduce Foods The Rest Of The Family Eats


You can use baby food makers to blend food that you have cooked for the rest of the family. Studies show that introducing solid foods that the rest of the family eats will reduce the chances of having a fussy eating baby. It will also introduce your baby to family meal times, which will help with getting them into a feeding routine. Family meal times can also help with teaching your child how to eat and helps your child develop social skills.


5. Saves On Space


So you’ve made the decision to make your own baby food, but what tools will you need? A steamer, pots, pans and a blender. Instead of using different utensils an appliances an all-in-one baby food maker will save you time, space and washing up! Instead of getting out various different containers for steaming and then blending, the Cherub Baby steamer blender lets you do everything from one container.

After whipping up  your healthy baby food puree and sauces, instantly place them in Cherub Baby’s Reusable Food Pouches that can be easily stored in the freezer and reheated in the microwave to ensure the freshness of your baby food.

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