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PLEASE NOTE: This bottle is not compatible with our adapter packs.

Strong and safe, our wide neck glass baby bottles are the premium non toxic bottle feeding solution made from durable high quality materials.

You’ll feel confident knowing that the silicone sleeve has built in patented shock absorbers that help prevent breakage when dropped. In fact, with independent lab tests to back us up, we believe we have the most drop resistant glass baby bottles on the market. And that’s why we offer a 1 year bottle drop guarantee (see details on our Drop Guarantee below).

Plus, the silicone sleeve not only protects the glass, it provides a tactile surface for your baby to grip, and the colour sleeve turns white if the liquid inside is too hot to feed baby.

You’ll love the fact that you’re using premium borosilicate, a superior grade of glass that’s inert and will not hold any odours, is scratch resistant, wont stain or easily house bacteria. Light yet tough, it has a thermal shock resistance so high you can confidently pour in boiling water and even transfer straight to freezer. Feel secure knowing that all parts that contact liquid are either glass or silicone.

With a slow (0-3m) flow teat included, you then choose from a variety of faster flow teats as bub grows. As your little mini graduates to become a “maxi”, our sippy and straw cup adaptor packs convert the baby bottle into a sippy or straw cup to extend your bottle life through toddler years and beyond. Finally the included travel seal doubles as a lid turning your baby bottle into a glass storage container.

With durable materials and a versatile and sustainable design, this bottle is built for life.


  • Made from high strength and thermal shock resistant medical grade borosilicate glass. Can withstand -40ºC – +600ºC, so they are freezer and boiling water safe.
  • Silicone sleeve turns white when the liquid inside is too hot to feed baby, with our patented colour change technology.
  • The grippy silicone sleeve makes the baby bottle easier to hold for baby and has an easy slip on/off design – it slips on and off in 2 easy steps.
  • All parts that come into contact with liquid are either glass or silicone.
  • The glass baby bottle grows with your baby. Sippy cup and straw cup adaptor packs are sold separately and convert the glass baby bottle into a sippy cup or straw cup to take you through the toddler years.
  • Afterwards you can convert the bottle into a glass storage container with the food storage (travel) seal.
  • The wide-neck teat can fit other universal wideneck brands.
  • All parts are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free and the bottle is FDA and European tested and approved.
  • Microwave (except the sleeve), Freezer safe.
  • Dishwasher safe (except the sleeve), top rack.
  • Includes polypropylene (PP#5) cap and screw collar, silicone travel seal and silicone nipple.

What’s in the box?
  • 1 x 150ml borosilicate glass bottle.
  • 1 x Colour change patented silicone sleeve.
  • 1 x Liquid silicone slow flow teat.
  • 1 x silicone travel seal.
  • 1 x silicone travel cap and PP screw collar.

This product comes with a 12 month warranty and bottle drop guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet
Q. What makes borosilicate glass better?
A. Most glass bottles on the market are made from soda ash glass, which is one the cheapest types of glass commonly used for soft drink bottles and jam jars etc. Because it’s brittle it has to be made thicker and heavier. It also has a low thermal shock resistance meaning it will likely crack when transferring a hot meal to the freezer or pouring hot/boiling water onto it. Borosilicate glass is a superior glass commonly used in science labs (think test tubes and beakers) purpose designed to store extremely hot and cold liquids with ease as well as being tough and crystal clear. It is inert and will not hold any odours, is scratch resistant, wont stain or easily house bacteria.

Q. How do I label these glass baby bottles?
A. Label using the Cherub Baby Wash Off Sticker Labels

Q. Where do I find out the details on the bottle drop guarantee?
A. Click here for full details

Q. Why choose glass baby bottles?
A. Over the years the risks associated with using plastic baby bottles have come to light. An article by Harvard Medical School reported that leaching can occur even faster and to a greater degree when plastic is exposed to heat. On the other hand borosilicate glass is made from natural raw materials (liquid sand) and is inert, meaning it cannot leach, even at high temperatures. Generally PP plastic baby bottles are only designed to last for a few months as they degrade quickly, stain and harbour odours over time. Borosilicate glass does not degrade, stain, is scratch resistant and non porous so will not hold odours. Within the lifespan of one glass bottle, you may well have purchased 6 plastic ones.

Q. How long should the glass bottle last?
A. Mindful of our planet, Cherub Baby glass baby bottles are designed to grow with baby and convert to a glass storage container to extend the life well beyond childhood years.

Q. Will these bottles break?
A. Tough and reinforced with our patented shock absorb silicone sleeve we, have had these bottles independently tested by SGS labs to where they were dropped from a 2nd storey height and did not break (they bounced!). Whilst not break proof, they are tough and come with a drop guarantee. Always use the bottle with the protective sleeve on.

Q. Isn’t glass too heavy?
A. Most glass baby bottles on the market are heavy and cumbersome. Not these ones! Made from borosilicate glass they generally weigh much less than other glass bottles and only slightly more than plastic ones. Remember usually 50-80% of the weight of the bottle actually comes from the liquid inside it!

Q. Which breast pumps do these bottles fit?
A. Cherub Baby bottles are of universal wideneck size, compatible to fit other universal wideneck brand breast pumps such as Philips Avent. There are standard neck to wideneck neck adaptors available on the market should you have a standard neck breast pump such as Avent. Unfortunately we are not selling the adaptors ourselves at this stage.


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BPA, PVC, Phthalate & 

Polycarbonate free

drop guarantee




Why Glass

Made from the highest quality thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, this durable container withstands everything. You can bake it, freeze it, microwave it and pop it in the dishwasher for it to reappear as new every time. Borosilicate glass doesn’t stain, or leach and is non porous, so will not hold any odours. We partner this beautiful material with our other favourite, silicone.

Silicone is a sustainable and conscious alternative for the modern family. Derived from the natural elements of silicon, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, silicone is non porous (harbouring less germs than plastics) and stain resistant. Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, silicone is tough, durable and extremely versatile. All silicone used by Cherub Baby has been independently certified to the highest European standards (FDA and LFGB approved).

Finally a safe and practical alternative that gives you confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

  • NO NASTIES: ALL parts are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free

  • SAFE: Independently tested. Exceeds FDA and European Safety Standards.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe (except the silicone sleeve) 

  • LIFETIME: Grows with baby through toddler years and beyond.

  • TEMPERATURE INDICATOR: The Sleeve changes colour when too hot

  • NATURAL: Prioritising natural materials, silicone and glass.


We are so confident in the drop resistance of our bottles that we will replace your glass bottle within the one year warranty period if it breaks when dropped with the protective sleeve fitted!


We believe we have the world’s best glass bottle range, but don’t just take our word for it, checkout our reviews and awards! 

  • 🏆 Finalist in the global (German based) Kind und Jugend Innovation Awards

  • 🏆  Winner of the Baby & Maternity Top Choice Award 2014 and 2019

  • 🏆  Winner of the Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award

  • 🏆  Winner Best Baby Bottle, Eco Excellence Award

  • 🏆  Bronze Winner MyChild Awards Favourite Baby Bottle 2018 and 2020

  • 🏆  Silver Winner MyChild Awards Favourite Baby Bottle 2016 and 2018

  • 🏆  Australian Non Toxic Awards Silver Winner Baby Mealtime Category

  • 🏆  Australian Non Toxic Awards Editors Choice Winner Baby Mealtime Category 


No more guess work. If the liquid inside the bottle is too hot to feed baby, the sleeve will turn white with our patented colour change technology.

Customer Reviews

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Simply switch out the teat for our sippy spout or straw spout (stage 1 and 2) and you have a bottle that lasts from 0 months all the way through to toddler years and finally when that’s done, attach the included travel seal to turn the bottle into a glass storage container. Perfect to store grains, nuts, spices, dried fruit, preserves and so much more! Have a clear conscience knowing this product will never hit landfill.